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    Hi Harc,

    I think I have found another bug. When performing a Monte Carlo Simulation I received this warning message; “LinTerp: X input array not sorted in increasing order. This message will not be shown again for this duration.”.

    I am not concerned about the message itself at the moment, I will look into that myself. But, what I believe to be a bug is that despite the warning saying that “This message will not be shown again for this duration.” the same message pops up again when I close the message, I believe that it is doing this every time a different run takes place (50-100 times each duration). Eventually with enough clicking I can get through the Monte Carlo simulation.

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    Matt Scorah

    Thanks for raising this. In order to replicate this could I please check the following:
    What version of RORB are you using?
    Do you have a print node at a location which is receiving zero flow (e.g. if you turn off some print nodes does the error go away?)

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    Hi Matt,

    I am using RORB 6.32.

    The issue I had was that I didn’t have any print nodes in my catchment file. Putting in a print node has stopped the warning from appearing.



    I am receiving the same LinTerp warning message using version 6.42 with ARR2016 ensemble events with initial losses varying by ARI. The messages seem to appear when the simulation reaches an ARI where the initial loss factor is greater than 1. The batch.out indicates “Error interpolating initial loss factor, ARI factor set to 1.0”. The storm files confirm that the initial loss factor was set to 1 instead of the value specified. This has occurred in two separate models that have been updated to ARR2016 hydrology. Workaround at the moment is to run in separate batches where initial losses remain constant across ARI’s.


    Benson Liu

    Hi Reevesm,

    I can’t seem to be able to replicate the bug you are experiencing with my own catchments, would you be able to send me an email with your .catg, .par and other input files as well as a brief description of the other modes/options you may be using in RORB when this bug occurs? My email is benson.liu@harc.com.au.

    Kind regards,


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