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Kate Austin

Kate has 24 years’ experience in hydrology and water resources, particularly in the development and use of water resource (river system) models in REALM, WATHNET and Source. She has acted as technical adviser and expert reviewer on many water resource modelling projects. Through a range of different analyses Kate has provided advice to clients on issues such as urban and rural demand modelling and forecasting, urban system optimisation and augmentation, identification of water savings, assessing the impacts of climate change, demand management, development of restriction rules and allocation policies, assessment of the impact of environmental flows and the effect of changes in customer behaviour. Kate has carried out independent review on a range of major water resource models including those for the Melbourne, Sydney, Geelong, and Canberra water supply systems. Recently she has been working on Long Term Water Resource Assessments for DELWP, system behaviour analysis for Melbourne Water, and a Sustainable Yield assessment for the Ministry of Water and Irrigation in Jordan (in collaboration with Aither).