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Russell Beatty

Russell is an industry leader in water resource management and economics.  He has over 20 years expertise in all aspects of urban water resource management from the modelling of water and wastewater systems and ecosystems through to the strategic planning of water resources.

His experience includes integrated water resources management, economics, statistical analysis, policy development, water supply and wastewater strategic planning, water systems analysis and water treatment.  He has worked in projects in Australia, New Zealand, North America and South East Asia.

In the current Australian drought he has been at the forefront of the development of adaption strategies for climate change and in the application of economic analysis frameworks in the comparison of supply amplification, demand management and alternative water system management methodologies.

Russell has been responsible for the development of a number of decision-support systems for the evaluation of the costs and benefits of water conservation, catchment management initiatives and greenhouse gas abatement.  His applications enable users to rapidly assess the economic and other benefits associated with avoided or substituted consumables, environmental costs, externalities and delays to and downsizing of capital expenditure.

Russell has been responsible for the development of a significant number of Integrated Water Cycle Management and Resources Planning strategies in New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland and New Zealand.  These strategies aim to gain an understanding of the triple bottom line costs and benefits of management options by examining water supply, wastewater, recycling and storm water management in a whole of water cycle context.  The strategies are developed with a high level of structured stakeholder and community involvement.

To complement his strategic planning skills, Russell has been responsible for the development of innovative econometric analysis approaches.  He has created a number of non-linear multi-variable regression analysis packages that have been put to extensive use around the globe.