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Welcome to the RORB blog!

Posted by admin on September 11, 2017

We’re excited to announce that the RORB web forum and blog is now fully operational.  This site is designed to support an on-line community of RORB users, and provide a place to discuss RORB-related topics, provide support and keep users up-to-date on the latest developments in RORB.

This blog will be used to publish regular, long form articles on specific topics related to RORB, hydrologic modelling in general and other related topics.  We welcome any suggestions for topics in this blog, as well as links to articles and other materials which may be useful to the wider RORB community.

For new users, RORB is one of the most widely used hydrologic models in Australia.  To quote from the user manual:

RORB is an interactive runoff and streamflow routing program that calculates catchment losses and streamflow hydrographs resulting from rainfall events and/or other forms of inflow to channel networks.  It is used for:

  • flood estimation;
  • spillway and retarding basin design; and
  • flood routing.

First developed by Eric Laurenson and Russell Mein at Monash University in the mid 1970s, it has been continually upgraded over nearly four decades to keep pace in changes with hydrologic practice and available data sets.  Best of all, RORB is provided free of charge to the public via this website.  This is largely thanks to the ongoing support offered by Melbourne Water over many decades which has allowed significant investment in RORB whilst also preventing the need to charge for a licence.

To use this website, we suggest users register and login.  The links below may provide a helpful shortcut to find useful content:

  • To register as a new user, click here
  • To login with an existing account, click here
  • To download RORB, click here
  • To visit the RORB forum, click here

If you have any queries about using this website, or managing your login, you can contact us at RORB@harconsulting.com.au